Monday, May 5, 2008

Department S

Department S evolved from a previous punk/ska combo, Guns For Hire. They were both led by the enigmatic Vaughan Toulouse, who remained the frontman and driving force. Department S were the darlings/demons dudes of Stiff Records. Slated to be the "Next Best Thing" poor subsequent sales and differences of opinion with their record label, resulted in the band being dropped by Stiff, but not before £50,000 was reputedly spent on what was to be their debut album Sub-Stance.

Here is a mutation of the full Lp and some B-sides too.

Department S - Is Vic There? LP - 1982 - UK

Get it here


Tragically vocalist Vaughn Toulouse died of AIDS related illness in 1991.

But check out his solo homo erotically charged Euro Indie Queer hit..

MAIN T POSSEE (Vaughn Toulouse) - Fickle Public Speaking

& the Classic

Check out this classic TOTP performance.

Department S - Is Vic There?

And this awesomeness!!

Department S - I Want

hope you like

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