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Minuit Polonia

I found this slice of heaven a couple of years ago at the WFMU Record and CD Fair!
If in the NYC area I highly recomend you go..

There is some serious psychedelic synth stuff up in here!! Minuit Polonia have an awesome sound all their own, groovey New Wave Synth Pop...

Here's a Spanish page I translated about Minuit Polonia.. Wordy and strange..but fun!

After the explosion of the movida madrileña, during the peak moments of a stirring musical moment that the state faltered Spanish, began to appear gangs who rejected the parameters of classic rock and, in some cases, were used to fund in practice new and innovative musical experiences, closer to noise than melody. Following in the footsteps of the avant-garde pioneer Esplendor Geometric (early division of The Aviadror Dro and their skilled workers) were emerging timidly other bands: the Andalusians Neo Zealand (then design Corbusier), La Rioja Vertical Dade, the ovetenses Zang Tumb Tumb and Madrid 429 groups such as deception or Minuit Poland, the latter, a formation that will be achieved other in achieving their laminated see songs.

The Debu de Minuit Poland occurred in 1983 through a single three cuts and published by DRO containing items "Ibiza below zero," "Radio Rockola" and "Enter". That arrogant exercise of noise-rock not convinced almost no one, rallying strongly criticised in the music press, which branded the group of pure 'post', although the single sold well to be included in the package of new groups febrile independent state and were distributed throughout the country thanks to Pancoca or other 'companies' heirs of their work channelling of new groups. The group defined his music as psycho-tech, "to dance neurons," pointing to the music press in 1983 the painter Luis Life, vocalist and ideologue of the banda.

Undoubtedly, Minuit Poland was a group starting with its pretentious name, a combination of an alien grandiose (to which he could glimpse dyes' cults') and the name of a land with a strong content-historic tragedy, perhaps chosen by the banda due to a prevailing fashion at that time and that was geared towards vindication conglomerate elements of the cold war over Nazism and Soviet and Japanese imaginary. And it is that words like Berlin, Warsaw or, even, Poland grass were 1983 European rock. His music was deliberately deranged, full of synthetic sounds and having a certain acid humor that was far from the 'militant seriousness' of other bands who shared their same parameters and devotion to the formations as Cabaret Voltaire and The Residents.

The audacity of Minuit Poland seemed to have no limits. When the audience barely had time to digest his first delivery, also in 1983, edited a second job, 'Ibiza Underground' (on an original theme of the poet Xaime Noguerol), a maxi-single that delve into what has already been published and which included an unrecognizable version of 'Mercedes Benz' Janis Joplin. A year later, he edited DRO and his first album (a mini-Elep) entitled 'Special Defects', a job even more convoluted and difficult to listen to the past and that was even with a single support:' Reagan Roll '/ 'Lust for life'. Two years later, in 1986, their models seduced an entire multinational, CBS, which delegated Twins in the publication of an entire LP, 'Music for Chameleons' work that included six long cuts including' Madrid 6:16 ',' Truman Capote 'and adaptation to their field of classic' Caroline Says' Lou Reed. After this vinyl group did not burn, although recently some of its themes begin to be included in the compilation of pop songs decade of the Hispanic eighties.

Minuit Polonia - Defectos Especiales MLP - 1984 - Spain

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