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The Pop Group

From the U.K. and HUGE in Japan for some reason..

I'll give you my 2 cents after I paste this Japanese translation for pure amusement.

REMEMBER.. You don't have to read it all, its fun to skim!

From Bristol

England to the band's flourishing in some regions, each region or what the reason is quite a lot of different color. They appeared in 1979, about the innovative album out "PIL" such as the London as well as medium-term Sheffield from the 1970s from Cabaret Voltaire and throbbing gristle around the clock DVA Such as industrial noise band after another out of it. THE POP GROUP and around the same time, the Joy Division from Manchester appeared, in the Liverpool Echo & The TIADOROPPU EKUSUPUROZU and BANIMEN. THE POP GROUP This is not the main cities in the west of England, Bristol has been formed.

I think it's Bristol, massive attack, tricky, such as represented by Portishead, Bristol trip-hop sound, and called its own unique music scene and had been formed, but the Pop Group also extremely unique band. But the music scene at the time, considering the environment they grew up, just gave birth to the era of accidental and the band could say it's a miracle. A white band as the first to dub-inspired band is also a father of the current DUB introduced for the development of a novel has been the scene of Bristol, considering they came into existence after the massive and Wild Bunch They attack and a deep impact on the明かtheir presence itself is決定づけたBristol scene and say that they do.


Bristol was a high school classmate of lead singer Mark Stuart (Mark Stewart) and guitar Gareth Sagar (Gareth Sager), drums and Bruce Smith (Bruce Willie Smith), and since age 76, THE POP GROUP live as a local activities. Region immediately Guitars of Waddington (John Waddington) and was an instrument-based Starter Simon Underwood (Simon Underwood) attended the meeting.
When my father was a musician Bruce Smith and a vast barrier-free record from the band in the genre to be brought on record漁りof hearing, was influenced by punk scene, but they are different fromひと味At the music sense and wear it. In addition, Bristol is that the old immigrant from Jamaica, and many live in the city hither and thither, frequently dub reggae and the city was the flow. They have these free jazz and funk, from the essence of contemporary music as well as Jamaican reggae and dub in their natural musicality to introduce him.
At the time, they were listening to music Gang of Four's Andy Gill (such as to produce RETCHIRI) introduces the (record number collectors in August 1996).
Dr. FIRUGUDDO, Sex Pistols, the Ramones, Ohio Players, Parliament / FANKADERIKKU, Art Ensemble of Chicago, John Cage and La Monte Young, Ornette Coleman, ultra-funk, Kool & the gang , FATTOBAKKU band, The Velvet Underground, Roxy Music, television etc ..... Eric Dolphy, and more…. Very surprised by the wide barrier-free. What is their TETTA was a teenager.

London advance

THE POP GROUP is the time to start a local gig, PUNK male band, Bristol SUTORANGURAZU is to live one. THE POP GROUP Opening of the Act is to try it, and graduated from the University of Bristol, Bristol is a deep-rimmed SUTORANGURAZU vocalist, Hugh Conwell (He was born in Bristol next to the town of Bath) to their favorite music, We want our members are quickly solved in terms of the way, Hugh will pay for the pop group recorded a demo tape or above.
SUTORANGURAZU exclusive tour manager was Dick Hodeir, exactly SUTORANGURAZU tour manager's job was also fed up with the SUTORANGURAZU as a curtain-raiser for the first time OROSA dragged from the audience that we no longer play until the end, Dick The event was also a pop group's first live to see it, a strong interest in you about pop group. After graduating from high school they are waiting for the manager of Dick Hodeir once came out in London to advance it. Shortly after the opening act for Elvis Costello's founder SUTIFFU tried to contact Jake Riviera and was born at around 77, the former UA's Jake and Andrew are Lowder, Wea funding Founded by the new label "radar records," the recording began.

Y, the historical record of birth.

They produced the first Region is scheduled for the locale is in charge of the engineer's relationship with reggae record, but was scheduled, and members of the locale and John would like to eventually reach an album produced合わなかったIt was a reggae band "MATOUNBI" said Dennis BOVERU leader is in charge of it. BOVERU for a white rock group deals is the first time, he made a reggae songs have been used in only a portion of the inconvenience and delay and reverb, a partially-cut collages recording engineer "dub" approach To Mozilla. Once BOVERU further apart切り刻みmix tape, still fit the length and breadth, and Adrian Sherwood is a good method to be the first to use this recording. As a result, a band of "funk" sound-and radical "punk" sound basis. And "Contemporary Music" and "free jazz" element is mixed in, and through the entire sound and the destructive creatures up and down like a volume unheard-of balance. In addition, "dub" mixed up with exquisite technique, Katteni not a problem unique and avant-garde film, his debut album, "Y" was number one.

Labels such as his "Y" and the band's breakup was established.

79 radar at the end of capital absorbed by the Wea and the radar was the founder and partner Jake Riviera Lowder Andrew and I are independent. Hodeir manager Dick his own label "Y" to set up the distribution of rough trade, including the activities entrusted to it now. NAWO, names and labels used in the album title "Y" is "WHY?" And also a sense (citation: We Are Time liner) and the growth of the human spirit that is meant to amplify .
This time around,頑political stance of sticking to Mark Stewart and other members of the friction is gradually growing. Simon Underwood are among the first to leave the band, and members will be formed PIGGUBAGGU session begins. Temporary withdrawal which is marked out into the streets, also reported by the dissolution of the crisis in the Bay GURAKUSO beads was guitarist Dan KATOUSHISU (Dan Catsis) hailed as a bassist, 79 years in October "We Are All Prostitute / Amnesty Report "was presented. In 1980, and March SURITTSU coupling single "Where There's A Will" and announced its second album "For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?" Recorded in the future, but already the band They are dying. But Bruce Smith SURITTSU tour is accompanied by a drummer, John and Dan Waddington KATOUSHISU Maximum Joy formation of the lead and start the session and members of the band in action is also inconsistent start to stick out. After all, Gareth and-blues band broke up in mid-1980 to insist on this point, leaving the band. Managed to release a second album, but the pop group itself is the second released immediately after the de facto dissolution behind.
Was the band's final status in July 1980, previously unreleased songs and live recordings, and their collection "We Are Time" was released. At the same time markings on the band's dissolution officially recognised, activity periods text box.

After splitting activities

THE POP GROUP members each pay even after the panic and PIGGUBAGU + rigs, such as Maximum Joy's role as an important band.
Gareth Sagar and Bruce Smith, concerts and other pop group piano, keyboards have been participating as spam Springer (Mark Springer), as well as the dissolution of the concerts on the eve of his joining the bassist Sean Oliver (Sean Oliver ) NENE Cherry (Neneh Cherry) to feature vocals on the lip rig panic + (Rip Rig + Panic) formed. Virgin three best albums and 12 inches in one of several announced after, Float up CP to change the name of a band released the album. Then Gareth HEAD Sagar is a band that was produced, GMC, Pregnant and the band is currently working in it.
Bruce Smith is SURITTSU tours and participate in the recording, New Age Steppers to join them while, Rip Rig + Panic broke up after Bjork and Neneh Cherry, PIL, THE THE wide range of a good job.
Needless to say, about Neneh Cherry, Mark Springer, the Piano, a record for 84 years, Nature / Music / Food / The Stars and the Planets, published in 2000. Various activities to continue.
Sean Oliver, pop group the line to death, and had already written in 1997, the Solitaire, to announce the first to show me around.
Simon Underwood PIGGUBAGGU formed, and two live albums and released. And the single Papa's got a brand new Pigbag CM, the Japanese also used to record the smash hit. Japan concerts in the country.
John Waddington and Dan Catsist Maximum Joy is formed, but without participating in the end Dan albums before going on to participate in the single-whether your credit because it is not unknown. In addition, Dan and members of the Tony Wrafter (sax, flute, trumpet), Charles Llewellyn (Ds) is a former member of beads GURAKUSO Bay. Late in the Nellee Hooper, who, playing the keyboard.
Mark Stewart is the most members in slow activity, but a producer Adrian Sherwood, with Tag head back below the surface of a number of albums released in Japan later also visited Japan. Currently there is new information such as KOZU, worrisome.



The Pop Group.. I guess they would/could be considered experimental, but there is so much more going on. Dub and Industrial, No Wave and Art Rock, with so much more in between. The vocal stylings of lead singer Mark Stewart is undecipherable, but yet so
haunting, like Shamanistic ramblings under this unique soundtrek...

Today we have the first two Lp releases of The Pop Group, lots of primitive rhythms going on here..

Go get your Jitters on!

The Pop Group - Y Lp - 1979 - U.K.

Get it here:



The Pop Group - For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? Lp - 1980 - U.K.

Get that here:


Viddy Time!

The Pop Group - The Boys from Brazil


The Pop Group - She's beyond Good and Evil

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One man's Pop is another man's obscurity..

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