Sunday, March 16, 2008

X Ray Pop on the BIPPP

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X Ray Pop

Get the Spacey 7" here X-Ray Pop

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Covering the Parisian take on the post rock'n'roll resurgence as it became eclipsed by the more marketable New Wave sound, the compilation features songs that range from bordering on ambient soundscapes that echo futuristic symmetry to slightly erratic pop songs that tick in an eerie, repetitious tone. Mostly sung in French, the entire collection transcends any language barrier and reflects the cold mechanical temper the genre is known for the world over. Though the release hasn't quite been well received by some stateside distributors, it is a solid documentation of an underrated period.

Get this HOT French Coldwave here :


Here's a video of Deux's “Felicita,” a song not included on the comp, but illustrates the genre's minimalistic approach to electro pop.

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