Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So here we go...

I'll be bringing you various packets of electronic etcetera delights that I extensively researched for YOUR pleasure.

So go ahead download and leave me a comment, good or bad.

I will try to post at least twice a week.
Hope you like

Clap Clap


M3831 said...

Thank you for starting this site! I have learned of a few artists you posted through various other blogs and am excited to expand on this type of sound here. I comment here because I like to download everything and listen over time. I appreciate all the work and music!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just discovered you last week (from a link at "Music Ruined My Life") and worked my way backwards from the most recent post to the beginning. Thanks for all the great stuff you've posted and all the work you've put into the site. It's going to take me many weeks to absorb all the stuff I've downloaded here. I'm really thrilled to have the great rip of Second Layer's "World Of Rubber," I've been looking for that one. Right now I'm rocking out to Die Kapazitat. The video links are also much appreciated. Please keep it up, I'll be following whatever you do.

Mark in Brooklyn

Maury Souza said...

This blog is RAD!