Sunday, March 16, 2008


B-Movie were a futurist wave band from Mansfield U.K. and were signed to the Some Bizzare record label and had a track 'Moles' featured on the original Some Bizzare Album .
In 1981 they had their biggest success when their single 'Remembrance Day' reached 61 in the UK charts narrowly missing out on a crucial Top Of The Pops TV appearance. In 1982 they released 'Nowhere Girl' which made the Top 10 in many European countries and reached 68 in the U.K., but there was no follow up and no sign of an album. The popular webcomic Nowhere Girl was named after this single.

Here is a B-Movie Packette I prepped up for you's!

1 B-Movie - Moles.mp3
2 B-Movie - Remembrance Day (Original Mix).mp3
3 B-Movie - Nowhere girl (12").mp3
4 B-Movie - Remembrance Day (12").mp3
5 B-Movie - Remembrance Day (Flexi Pop).mp3
6 B-Movie - Nowhere Girl (Adam Freeland Mix).mp3
7 B-Movie - Nowhere Girl (Original Mix).mp3

Get it here:


I hate these lame ass attempts of viddy's, but its the only footage I can find of this song...

Hope you like

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richard said...

Saw these guys play in my home town of Derby (UK) a couple of times.
Great melody crafters, definitely part of the 80's music cannon.