Friday, March 28, 2008

Martha and the Muffins

This is the Ice Age was Martha and the Muffins' third album, released on LP and cassette in 1981. The track "Women Around the World at Work" was released as a single in the UK and Canada.

The album was a debut for Daniel Lanois as producer; he would later be discovered by Brian Eno and produce for artists as diverse as U2, Bob Dylan, and Dashboard Confessional.

With a diverse selection of Ambient / New wave / and synthy sounds this is a gem for all collectors.

The cover image was taken by Muffins' guitarist Mark Gane from an apartment he was living in on Bloor Street in Toronto. It depicts the Bank of Montreal tower over a building in poor repair.

After being unavailable for over 20 years, this much sought after album was finally re-released on CD in 2005 by EMI Canada and includes two bonus tracks that were not on the original release.

Here it is for you...


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Peter said...

It's not the CD, but a vinyl rip.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fatasmi - Cherry Red will release the Muffins' 1983 album "Danseparc" as a new digitally remastered version (with bonus tracks) in August 2008. The album was produced by Daniel Lanois. Dig it.

Cucumber Jones said...

The official announcement of the twenty-fifth anniversary edition of the Muffins Danseparc is on my blog. Come on over....

dugg said...

Thank-you, thank-you so much for the chance to hear this again- I was very into the Muffins from the get-go and over the years my own copies have worn out/been swiped etc- really looking forward to hearing this again,
all the best