Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Soft Cell

My obsession for the coldest wave came from Soft Cell. Out of tune and very campy (like me). I so fell in love with them. I do believe they deserve the #1 one hit wonder song of all time (Tainted Love) not the Macerena.. Bleechhh..

Soft Cell was an English synthesizer duo during the early 1980, Marc Almond (vocals) and David Ball (synthesizers).Their lyrics often focused on love and romance as well as the darker side of life, with subjects such as kinky sex, transvestism, drugs and murder. Oh and did you know that "Tainted Love", the northern soul classic originally sung by Gloria Jones was the wife of Marc Bolan (T-REX).

The classic EXTENDED!! BEDSITTER Viddy..

They continue to make sweet music...

Get the Wiki deal here Soft Cell

So I compiled a packet you all you art fags.

Various hard to gets..

01It's a Mugs Game
03 Facility Girls
04Beddsitter 12
05Fun City 12"
06The Girl With The Patent Leather face


the ULTRA RARE Science Fiction Stories

Bleak is my Favorite word.
I Am 16 (demo
Factory Fun (demo)
Penthouse Pet
Occupational Hazard (Demo 1979)
Mix and Match
Metro Mrx
Living for Today
L-O-V-E Feelings.
The Girl With The Patent Leather face V2
Frustation. Orig
When We Go
Science Fiction Stories
Purely Fun

Get it here--- SOFT CELL

Hope you enjoy

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Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for all this rarities!
...but "Dancing Alone" (the B'side to the "Monoculture" single) is missing!!!
could you post it please?

Professor_of_Hip said...

Im an art fag. :( wish these were still up...