Monday, March 17, 2008

The Covenant, Sword and the Arm of the Lord

Cabaret Vøltaire

Cabaret Voltaire (CV) started out in the mid-70's as industrial noise outfit. There was a brief industrial-disco phase for CV in the the mid-80's, followed by house. At the dawn of a new decade, Cabaret Voltaire, now Stephen Mallinder and Richard H. Kirk (Chris Watson left to take a more scientific curve with experimental/noise group 'The Hafler Trio'), started to ease from techno/bleep into trance/ambient. The results were quite startling and Cabaret Voltaire finally regained the attention they deserved. At the height of the trance/ambient wave, Cabaret Voltaire parted ways. While Mallinder went off to Australia to study, Kirk continues on with solo projects (Richard Kirk, Sandoz, etc).

1985's Arm of the Lord (reissued on CD as The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord) proves that no band could be so productive without a few tricks up its sleeve. Titled after an American neo-Nazi religious zealot organization, the record crossbreeds trademark electro-rhythm attack with odd breaks, varied tempos, the return of eerie found voices, unpolished production and harsh dissonance.The Arm of the Lord finds Cabaret Voltaire at the crossroads between their early experimentalism and all out dance and nascent techno, and certainly much further down that latter road than Red Mecca and 2 X 45 or even Micro-Phonies. But as 'normal' as it sounds, it's much weirder than most eighties pop records with many samples of Charles Manson, movie clips and lots of signature Cab-Volt noise. "I Want You" and "Motion Rotation" actually have catchy melodies...

Cabaret Voltaire - I Want You

This wonderful release is being sold for over $100.00??? WHAT!!!
Plus I put 2 Incredible LONG ass B-Sides too..

1 L21st
2 I Want You
3 Hells Home
4 Kickback
5 The Arm Of The Lord
6 Warm
7 Golden Halos
8 Motion Rotation
9 Whip Blow
10 The Web

B1 Drink Your Poison
B2 C.O.M.A.

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djethell said...

Loving it! Keep you the great work,
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djethell said...

P.S. I have a great 12" version of I Want You if you don't already have. Let me know.