Sunday, March 23, 2008

Vicious Pink Phenomena

Vicious Pink /Phenomena were a synthpop band, formed in Leeds, UK in 1981, it consisted of two members, singer Josephine Warden, who was half-English-half-French, and keyboardist Brian Moss. The duo started out as backing vocalists for Soft Cell. Josephine Warden went on to marry a top London music lawyer, and Brian Moss carried on in the music industry, now keyboard player for artist Mirazma. I just don't understand why there is no proper release for this ingenious band...

Get the full Bootleg of Pleasant Blue here VICIOUS

I wish there was a real Vid!

But enjoy this

CCCan't You See (French version)--Vicious Pink

Hope you like

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Eden 263 said...

Vicious Pink Phenomena did release vinyl, including a manic cover of Great Balls Of Fire - alas, I sold my stuff years ago. Will have a trawl around and get back to you if I find anything.

armeur H said...

great ! thank you

bloudie said...

I wanted this. Thank you.