Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fàshiön Music

Since were going on this No wave / New Wave thang, I thought I's dig up this gem from 1979...

Fàshiön Music - Pröduct Perfect

So ahead of the times in sound genre and style, this masterpiece is chock full of Synthy kicks rolled in a No Wavy spectrum.

Get it!

Fàshiön Music

Hope you like

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W. said...

This is indeed a genuine masterpiece. It really is very good but I wouldn't associate it with "synth music" and it sounds totally different from their later albums. The songwriting and musicianship are excellent and there is tendancy towards reggae influenced rhythms. This is catchy as hell. Strangley they chose the opening track, my least favourite, as a single, "Citinite". The other singles released during this "phase" are worth hearing, including the b-sides, but still they don't come up to the quality of the album.

the saucer people said...

I would just like to express the opposite view to the last comment (as is the way in the blogging universe...for me the most creative and ahead of their time material is contained in the 12 inch and remixes (mainly produced by the legendary Zeus B. Held) such as the 'Mutant' mix of Eyetalk and Mutant Dance Move and Streetplayer-Mechanik...incredible tracks and far better than the album imho...but the album is pretty excellent so we are all winners here!

many thanks for posting such a gem.