Sunday, March 23, 2008

Of A Mesh

Go Samara

Of A Mesh
New York City's most famous Goth Drone band in the '80's, Of a Mesh featured the dramatic crooning of Alan Dollgener duetting with Samara's haunting violin, guitarist Ellen Watkins, bassist Gregory Kostroff, and drummer Osamu, and in June 1986, that quintet released the classic 12-inch EP "Of a Mesh" (recorded by Martin Bisi) on their own Black Afternoon Records.
Of a Mesh formed in the fall of 1983 in New York City, taking their name from Maya Deren's 1943 avant-garde silent film Meshes of the Afternoon.
Sadly in 1995, Dollgener released a solo album "Fish Dreams" (MMG) under the name Reverb Sleep, but he died that October 22, battling AIDS.
I went to see them at least 5 times, and they were really amazing,
they did have the potential to be something bigger. They were so nice too. I had the honor of working with Alan at Tower Records, he was so hot!

The two E.P.'s for you..
Ripped from glorious vinyl!

Of A Mesh E.P.

Of A Mesh Broken E.P.

Get them both here OFAMESH

Hope you like

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