Monday, July 14, 2008

Chris Carter Pt 2

First off.. I would like to thank Craig A in NYC for this very generous gift.

This is the first solo release by Chris Carter during his TG period, at Industrial Records studio. Originally released in 1980 on cassette by Industrial Records.

A marvelous moment in the early industrial scene..

I think CC has a thing for the crotch area..

Chris Carter - The Space Between CD - 1980/1991 - UK

Original artwork:

This CD Release:

Get that here:



Oh hey..
I forgot to include this song: Resonance
here it is..



Clap Clap


Curious Guy said...

Thanks for this. Just want to let you know that the last track "Resonance" is missing.

erreur said...

awesome!!! One of the originators, who I think only really got to shine after he left the shadow of Genesis P-O and Peter C., I love his solo stuff and Chris and Cosey work better than anything TG or it's other members did on their own.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the last track! I only knew the Mondo Beat album before.