Thursday, July 10, 2008

Snowy Red

Snowy Red was the one-man synth outfit born from the Belgian New Beat boom. Former Chainsaw guitarist, Micky Mike (real name Marcel Thiel) called it quits and Micky Mike disappeared, only for the band to resurface again in 2004 as a duo (with a guitarist) at the Belgian Independent Music festival.

I first heard of Snowy Red when he performed at NY's Peppermint Lounge back in like 1983, I became and instant fan of the driving synth minimal madness. The Snowy Red song Euroshima (Wardance) has to be one of the all time classic floor fillers. It still to this day holds up, and needs to be in a car commercial..

Awesome EBM industrial beats, swirly minimal synth, and those vocals, if your not a fan already, your going to be..

So I have for you today the first three Lp releases starting with..

Snowy Red - Snowy Red LP - 1981 - Belgium

Get that here:



Snowy Red - The Right To Die Lp - 1982 - Belgium

Get that here:


And last..

Snowy Red - Vision Lp - 1983- Belgium

Snatch that here:


I wish there was a video...

Hope you love

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Anonymous said...

thanx so much for sharing these!

aethr said...
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aethr said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting these. I don't know if you heard, but Snowy Red, the man, Mickey Mike, died on My 26, 2009. RIP.

Jessekins said...

You're the best, pal.

Carolina said...

Thanks From Argentina!!! Great Band!!!

Vladnir said...