Thursday, July 17, 2008


Andrew had respectfully requested me to take down the DL links..

Andrew Szava-Kovats!

Born of Hungarian immigrants in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Andrew is settled now in Massachusetts, where he writes and records in his home-based digital recording studio.

Data-Bank-A - is some great gothic synth pop, this is mostly solo, but has at various times become an ensemble of 4 musicians for recording and touring. This project has recorded 12 releases for 3 labels and toured New England and Germany. The sound has been compared to Severed Heads, Fad Gadget, Gary Numan, Sisters of Mercy...

Its just some great EBM.

Andrew is free to negotiate the release of new work under his own name and any previous band names. He also retains rights to the back catalog on other labels (now out-of-print). You can reach him @

Data-Bank-A - Continental Drift Lp - 1987 - France/US

Get that here:

Per Andrew Szava-Kovats.. You can buy his releases here..

Here is a Vid from 1992..

Data-Bank-A - Nothing

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Anonymous said...

Nice post!

I`m looking for a debtu album of Data-Bank-A - "The Citadel".

Do you have this one?

If yes - please, post it.