Thursday, July 3, 2008

V/A - The Signal to Noise Set

CCCheck out this AWESOME Australian Synth pop / Minimal Wave / Electro pop comp!

I forgot I had this Gem, I got it directly from the old Caroline Records Warehouse on Crosby St in NYC. Nicky Garratt of the UK Subs ran the place, and I worked at another distributor in Queens (Important Relativity), and we'd get things for each other...


Hence my collection..

So Get this incredible intelligent well produced Synth comp.

V/A - Signal to Noise Set LP - 1984 - UK

Get that here:


Hope you like

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Anonymous said...

wow, this really IS amazing. This kind of music always reminds me of the old Madonna flick "A Certain Sacrifice". I know that's random...

Thanks a million for posting! Great blog you have here :)

_ said...

thanks for this, i had cassettes of lots of these bands that got lost somewhere...