Saturday, July 19, 2008

White Noise

Here's a blast from the past!

Check out this Psych Synth nugget..

David Vorhaus established this trio in 1968.
WN today are still releasing occasional albums, and playing occasional concerts, when the fancy takes them. the Orb, but darker and more psychedelic...'

- 'Gramaphone' magazine

Quirky, kitchy, sometimes tacky, scary and synthy.. All the stuff I love and hopefully you.

An awesome synth treat, this Lp got me through the awkward teen years..

White Noise - An Electric Storm Lp - 1968 - US

Get that here:


Hope you like

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theorez07-12 said...

oooooooooh ..looks essential

Anonymous said...

This album is quite simply ahead of its time. "The visitations" would sound modern even today.