Friday, July 25, 2008

Silicon Teens

Mute Records founder Daniel Miller had a fun idea... He had already made a synth/post punk masterpiece as The Normal with "Warm Leatherette", and he wanted to do something less dark and more fun. So he "put together" a fictitious group of synthos called Silicon Teens. ST recorded and released "Music For Parties" in 1980. This contains covers of 50s and 60s hits and a couple of originals played with synth and drum machines. Cheesy, light synth pop...

Do you already have it?

Well here it is..

Silicon Teens - Music For Parties LP - 1980 - US

Get that here:



Silicon Teens - Memphis Tennessee


Clap Clap


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this great album! I've been looking all over for a replacement for my (sadly, worn out) cassette tape copy.

Anonymous said...

haha, with Frank Tovey (aka Fad Gadget)on piano, only for the video