Saturday, July 12, 2008


Kebekelektrik is purported to come from "Quebec Electric."

Kebekelektrik AKA Gino Soccio is often mistaken as a European artist. Perhaps because of his euro-disco sounds? In fact Gino is a French Canadian, who was born in Montreal and now resides in Quebec.

Come revel in Gino's triped out Space Disco Jams, and as a bonus I put in a couple of Gino Soccio's mainstream Disco jams too..

Kebekelektrik - Kebekelektrik Lp - 1977 - Canada

Groove here:


Check out Gino Soccio The Visitors viddy

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sonnenbrille said...

This is absolutely awesome stuff. I was actually familiar with the song "Magic Fly", and then I realized the version that I knew was by Space. Thank you so much for sharing this album. :)

Fantasmi said...

Your so welcome