Friday, June 27, 2008


Italian New Wave/Synthpop band originally called Chrisma formed in 1976. The name is the contraction from the first names of the keyplayers (Christina Moser, Maurizio Arcieri). By 1980 the name was changed into Krisma and the style shifted to synthpop. The music is a bit pop-y at times. but uniquely intelligent for a Synthpop band. If you enjoy the music of KaS Product.. you will definietly dig the jams of Krisma...

Krisma - Clandestine Anticipation - 1982 - Italy

Get that here:


Does anyone have Krisma - Cathode Mamma from 1980... PLEASE!!!!!!
Some stupid goth bitch stole mine a looong time ago... FU Jenny!!


Krisma - Water

Hope you like

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I rarely keep whole albums. So I could only send you the two tracks Cathode Mamma and Many Kisses. Seems I didn't like the rest (though I love all of Clandestine Anticipation and a lot of Chrisma).

B said...

thanks for Clandestine Anticipation!
Cathode Mamma is included in the download here(along w/ the 2 Chrisma LPs):

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear those tracks again. With so many memories I can't decide whether they are good or not, but I like them and definitely will keep them now. Thank you very much for sharing!