Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3x7" + a 12"

Have I gone too far?... Naaaaaa!

Today we have 3 x 7" synthy nuggets and a horrifically kitchy 12"

Starting with:

Mats Olofsson - Rekordmagasinet 7" - 1981 - Sweden

The musical style is referred to as "Bunkerpop" on the sleeve. Its like 50's inspired synth pop. From sweden. Mats started out as drummer for then punk band Docent Död, but left after their second single to pursue a solo career...

Also from Swedwen we have:

Ratata - Ögon Av Is 7" - 1982 - Sweden

Ratata was a Swedish synth pop ground formed by Mauro Scocco, Heinz Liljedahl, Anders Skog and Johan Kling in 1980. Great Pop synth sound, robotic sound at its best..


Zoo - Skylines / On & On 7" - 1982 - USA

From Hayward, CA, USA, this was a trio that played pure Coldwave. There is no more info on this awesome American trio

Last...there is...

Xalan - I Only Move For Money 12" - 1984 - Germany

Were do we begin? Pure Italo synth sleeze junk! The cover.. THE LYRICS????!!!
You'll get a kick out of this one!
It may even be your motto...

Get them all here:

3x7" + a 12"

For all you pain in the asses.. (Kidding)
Here is the Zshare link.. HERE

Hope you like

Clap Clap


Anonymous said...

Could you re-up this.
there is no .zip at end so it can't be opened.
I downloaded it and added the .zip to the end of the file and i can see the files but i can't play them.

Fantasmi said...

works fine on my end..

try DL'ing again..

erreur said...


Anonymous said...

Same thing happens. I DL'ed it again and there is still no .zip extension.
When at rapidshare it says...
( appears)

After DL'ing it i have to add the .zip and i can open it and see the files but they wont play.
I've Dl'ed other stuff that have .zip extension with no problem, it's just this one thats wont cooperate.

Sorry for being a d*ck and asking this but please re-up so i can hear some sweet snyth wave.
Not sure why i can't open it and you can on your end.

Fantasmi said...

I've tried uploading this twice, and it seems rapidshare won't put a .zip on the end of this file?

I'll try a zshare upload soon..


Anonymous said...

your the best!

p.s. sorry for causing you so much pain in the backside.


Anonymous said...

thank you! from australia