Saturday, June 28, 2008

3 obscure Synth BM 12"

Fresh from MY!!! collection we have some EBM-y 12'ers for you..

Starting with:

Executive Slacks

Philadelphia's Executive Slacks started out playing a searing combination of electronics, guitar/vocals and percussion. The impact is gratingly industrial but also emotional — it isn't the sheer assault that makes you uneasy, it's the whole demented concoction... Trouser Press

Executive Slacks - Executive Slacks - 1983 - Netherlands/US


Aimless Device

The perfect dicotomy of goth minimal synth, and Coldwave.. I forgot how I swayed to this gem...

Aimless Device - Hard To Be Nice - 1985 - Belgium

& last...


Great synthy NDW / EBM that has a touch of funk & bass...

Kreutzer - Lieblingsfarbe - 1982 - Germany

Get them all here:


Hope you like

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Anonymous said...

Zipfile did not work?
Johan NL
(I don't know what it is, but it's moving in and it's moving out, Slacks)

me said...

executive slacks rules!

Valentine Michael Smith said...

aimless device = cool stuff