Thursday, June 5, 2008


"In January 1980 Ralf Wehowsky founded with 2 friends his first group ever. The secret name of the group was Progressive Disco, abbreviated P.D. Influences came from punk, experimental and psychedelic rock as well as from new classical music, industrial and disco, which were melted into their own style, using tapes as well as conventional rock instrumentation.

P.D. suffered from permanent personnel changes. At the end of 1980 it was clear that Ralf Wehowsky was the only member who was to stay continuously. So he decided to change the name of the group in a way that showed continuation as well as discontinuity. Therefore the name was "doubled" by adding the number of the letters (P being the 16Th, D the fourth letter of the alphabet).

One of the members at that time was Achim Szepanski, who left after a few months because he had to follow his studies. Meanwhile he has founded the successful techno label "Mille Plateaux".

The sound is intelligent experimental synth, with a touch of the angry screams and mutterings of German youth. Some of these songs definitely remind me of a twisted cousin of the Liquid Sky soundtrack..

Deep Dark and Dirty!

I know you'll enjoy..

P.D. - Inweglos - 1980 - Germany

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