Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Until December

Here is some lovely NRG Industrial pop.. Can that be? Well, you decide.

Gothic Industrial NRG at its best!

They were a duo from San Fran, and played to DEATH at one of my favorite clubs in Long Island "Paris New York" Ohh those days..

Member Adam Sherburne later formed the band Consolidated in the 1990s. Bryan Weisberg later formed Maximillion's Motorcycle Club. Greg(Auggie)Senzer former drummer owns and operates a motorcycle customizing shop and plays with several bay area bands.

Here is my collection just for you..

Until December - Until December Lp - 1986 - US

Get that here:


& the 12"

Until December - Call Me / Free Again 12" - 1986 - US


Until December - Heaven / Bela Lugosi's Dead 12" - 1986 - US


Until December - Secrets (I Won't Tell) / We Are The Boys 12" - 1986 - US

Get those 12" here


I WISH!!! they had videos!!

Hope you like

Clap Clap


Anonymous said...

I have no idea why in the world I have the Until December LP but thanks for the digital copy. I think they played "Heaven" on WLIR or WDRE (perhaps screamer.. but not too sure).

Ima download that 12". I'm interested in hearing Bela.

Anyway, thank you.

You always so such a great job.

~ anvilscepe

Adam said...

What format is the file? Thanks!

iniquity1 said...

Yes, thank you... The 12" collection though is in an unknown file extension. I've tried renaming it as zip and rar...but it still won't extract. Any help would be lovely!! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

thanx.... just add .rar to the file