Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I was recently trolling my vinyl section that never seems to get any attention, when I came across this NRG catastophre. I was totally clueless to what this interesting chunk of vinyl was... Until I put it on.. Oh man!! What was I thinking? It brought back memories of sneaking in a flask of booze to the downstairs lounge at The Monster in NYC, and dancing like Al Pacino in the movie Crusing with dirty old men.. a couple of days after high school graduation.
That was the sound, and I was sucked in.. Deep down DIRTTY Hi-NRG.. I can smell the Amyl nitrite..

So without further ADU..

Lisa - Lisa Lp - 1983 - US

Get that here:


You WILL like

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Richard said...

thats weird... I was just thinking of this record a few days ago. I used to have the "12 Rocket To Your Heart
awesome Hi-NRG tune!