Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Johnny Warman

I forgot about this!


Signed to Elton John's Rocket Records in 1981, this ultra Glam, Synth, New Wave, Industrial-ish masterpiece will sure stun you up...
This Lp was built around material Warman first premiered live with his band Three Minutes. Check out "Screaming Jets," a masterful, electronics-driven slab of wartorn paranoia whose edginess was only amplified by the presence of Peter Gabriel on effectively keening backing vocals (very Shock the Monkey)..

Here is the CD release from 2002 with bonus songs.

Johnny Warman - Walking Into Mirrors CD - 1981/2002

Get that here:


Check this out..

Johnny Warman - Screaming Jets

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chorbyradio said...

A good record.

Matti said...

Nice work - either from you and johnny - thanx!

Frédéric said...

Solid tracks, interesting musicianship remembering Peter Gabriel and King Crimson from this period, a real unknown gem I discovered thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

I've still got the LP and I saw Johnny Warman live once in the early 80-ties at a festival in Rotterdam (Parkpop)! I think I have an audio cassette somewhere with that concert (was Broadcast by Dutch radio).

Björn Granberg said...

If you have an audio cassette with the concert, I'd love to buy it from you or buy a copy. I' love Johnny Warman's music from the 80's.