Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dave Ball

I cannot live without Dave Ball!!

As a student of Leeds Polytechnic Fine Arts University, renaissance man Ball experimented with electronic sounds and sleeze..

He met fellow student Marc Almond, who, taken with Ball's unique take on avant-garde electronic soundscapes, asked him to help in developing music to complement his performance art pieces. The two cut a 4-track EP, funded by Ball, entitled Mutant Moments, and were soon signed to the small label Some Bizarre Records. Working alongside Almond, who by this time had taken on the role of lead singer and lyricist at Ball's suggestion, the band achieved massive success with their cover of Gloria Jones's Tainted Love, which reached #1 in seventeen different countries and #8 in the U.S., where it stayed on the charts for 43 weeks, holding a then Guinness World Record for the longest such stay and becoming the biggest-selling UK single of 1981.

Ball then went on to release a solo album entitled In Strict Tempo, featuring Gavin Friday of The Virgin Prunes, and Genesis P Orridge of Throbbing Gristle. He then went on to produce electronic dance music records alongside producer Ingo Vauk and collaborator Richard Norris. Ball eventually teamed with Norris to form the techno group The Grid, and regrouped with Almond for a Soft Cell tour..

Come get this awesome chunk of left field dubby electronic sleeze..

Dave Ball - In Strict Tempo Lp - 1983 - UK


Dave Ball - Rare Tempo 12" - 1983 - UK

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Check out his Balling interview..

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Cool! Been hunting for this for years. I gotta go buy this now, I forgot just how great it is. Thanks for the great post!