Monday, July 27, 2009


"Robotwerke, aka Dieter Kolb and Franz Aumüller, were one of the first groups to experiment with electronic music in the mid-60s, inventing some of the first self-made drum machines. Look HERE Their fans include such luminaries as Herbie Hancock, Afrika Bambaataa, Sven Vath and Kraftwerk. Since the 60's they had allowed themselves to become more and more inspired by the Caribbean sounds of steeldrum and Soca, and developed their own brand of Soca influenced funky disco electro. Also look out for Supersempfft.. even more of the same dudes with guests doing that Calypso synth thang! I just might post that up soon.

Elements of Soca Synth? and some great straight minimal synth.

Roboterwerke - Futurist LP - 1981 - Germany

Get that here:


Adjust your EQ this one's tinny!




Chris H. said...

Whoa. I have no idea how you tracked this down, but thank you!!!

j.henry said...

Amazing! Loving this &do post the calypsynth!!!

Second time or so stumbling on yr blog &so happy to be raiding thru yr posts now. Many tnx for these marvelous things.

j.h c

the saucer people said...

Wow I was only here the other day and now through a competely different root in the hunt for some Robertwerke material and I am back again, this blog is a sonic strange taste attractor, once more I salute you!