Sunday, July 26, 2009


Up until last week my Vocoder collection that i've been working on for over 2 years now is finally complete!!!!!


Vocoder were a Synth Wave band from Zaragoza, Spain. Founded sometime in the early 80s, they released 2 singles and one LP on Aviador Dro’s Neon Danzasub-label from 1984 to 1987.
Get the full ambitious complicated story here

Super Synthy Sleezy Italo Disco mayhem!

Vocoder - ¿Que Sucede Ahora? What Happens Now? 12" - 1984 - Spain


Vocoder - Mindanao 12" - 1985 - Spain


Vocoder - Vocoder LP - 1987 - Italy

Get those aqui:


WOW! Check this out:

Vocoder - What happens now?


Clap Clap


bcr said...

nice! thanx for sharing!
btw, the contents of the 7" might be corrupted. they won't extract.

bcr said...

err sorry..meant the "mindinao" 12" actually.

Fantasmi said...

Everything seems to DL fine on my end and others..
Try until it works.. that usually works.

Thanx BCR!

LOVE your version of Temptation!!!

bcr said...

thanx fantasmi i appreciate yr kind words!

meltedrubbersoul said...

All I had to do was see that little dance that guy did right at the beginning to know that this would be fucking gold. Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Joshua Dunn said...


Student Driver said...

AHH!! I've been wanting this stuff forever!

I have to say, this blog is such a gem. I am so so so happy you exist.

JUAN said...

Vocoder ins´t from italy. Vocoder was a spanish group from Zaragoza city.

Anonymous said...

Killer video!