Monday, October 5, 2009

Vitor Hublot

Here is a word for word google translation from a french fan page..

Neither god nor master>
The Belgian group is colorful as funny and mysterious. With versions of revisited The P'tite Gayol "or" Mary Clap'sabots "is all over Wallonia who took a solid smack in the middle of the eighties. As evidence, there are two 45s and a 33 rpm called "185 million Francophones and me and me and me". Even Georges Brassens had the honor of being cooked in the sauce Hublot! Jeff Bodart is stuck in it for "Bad Reputation" but this new home will delirium - incomprehensibly - cold ...

From Vitor Hublot, a bit of everything ...
Throughout these years, we find the music and sometimes singing Guy Clerbois Braine l'Alleud (whose original business was a stonemason) ... who, whenever he could, put the sub side to go register a disc in the studios of the Martin brothers. Around him, a clique of musicians or singers who come and go: Mimi Crofilm, and Françoise Chantal Talbot, Renaud Janson, Eric Adam, Marc Van Eyck, Jean-Luc Fonck, Mondelaers Thierry, Jean-Louis Sbille (Cargo de Nuit on the RTB) and Pierre Vervloesem.
A new version of "The P'tite Gayol" released in 2009 and a remastered reissue of the album "185 million" accompanied by two titles in his first 45 rpm max. Other projects of remixes and new songs rehabilitation are underway!

I've been looking for this Lp for a while and FINALLY we meet!

It's as if Jerry Lewis joined DEVO and became part of the French electronic Wave scene in the early 80's!!

Vitor Hublot - 185 Millions De Francophones Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi... Lp - 1986 - France

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Vitor Hublot "la p'tite gayole"

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