Monday, October 5, 2009

Space Art

Space Art is a French band that was formed by two friends in Paris in 1977. The group consisted of Dominique Perrier on keyboards and Roger Rizzitelli on drums. Their first (self-titled) of three albums was released in the same year as Jean-Michel Jarre’s, “Oxygene.” Knowledgeable Jarre fans will recognize the names, because both went along on the 1981 China tour...

Amazing hypnotic sweet epic sleezy progey DISCO jams with sooo much class..


Space Art - Space Art - 1977


Space Art - Trip In The Center Head - 1977

Get those here:



Space Art - Play Back - 1980

Get that here:


Oh look!

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Anonymous said...

love space art

Anonymous said...

this is amazing.
thank you

Anonymous said...

I've got the third one, but I never thought I'd hear the first two. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful work. Very 1970s b-movie sound. Type of immersive music i love listening to while playing a computer game of FALLOUT 3. Happy New Years! :D


Anonymous said...

wow. that video. pretty amazing. cheers from NYC.

awesome blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks.

the saucer people said...

Well worth playing the entire three 'Space Art' albums back to back, they do create a strange immersive self-contained universe kind of gods do the French do this kind of music better than anyone else!

Weird how 'Space Art' are often dismissed as Jarre/TD clones when they are clearly so much more than that, the 'Love Machine' track from Play Back alone makes them stand cosmic head and shoulders with many of the late seventies kosmische offerings.

Love the block-pixel lo-res video, clearly the work of a fan with a tiny video monitor ;)

Anonymous said...

des anciens musiciens du chanteur français Christophe qui ont eu l'éxcellente idée de faire trois albums de musique electronique, tellement sublime et intemporel.
la grande classe

Jürgen De Blonde said...

thanks a lot, i just bought their first one blindly this weekend on a flea market and was surprised in a very nice way upon giving it a first spin... The sleeve wasn't too promising (the synth keys...)

Anonymous said...

thanks from patagonia.great work