Monday, March 23, 2009

Best Of Ralph

Look what I found!
Check out this double donger.. Best Of Ralph - a double album of recordings on the Ralph Records label..

The Residents
Art Bears
Fred Frith
MX 80 sound
Renaldo & The Loaf..

there all here.

I forgot how amazing, and important this american comp is..
I got this mid 80's when I needed EVERYTHING Yello.

Hope you all enjoy this fantastical masterpiece!

Best Of Ralph - Various Lp - 1982 - US

Get that here:


Check this out!


Hope you like

Clap Clap


Anonymous said...

Great music. Reminds me of what a loss it is when Snakefinger passed on before his time. Thanks for the audio pleasure :)


Sleezestak said...

Great stuff! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

LOVE Tuxedomoon!!!!!

Dave said...

Thank you for this! One of the best compilations ever. I have it on vinyl and am happy to finally have the mp3s.

Anonymous said...

Holy frijoles! This album was the catalyst for my transition from mainstream music to more unconventional styles and sounds. Alas, it was given to me on cassette which of course eventually broke. Random searches in the past for the vinyl or a digital release yielded nil. My random search tonight did not! Thank you so much.