Sunday, March 8, 2009

Amanda Lear

Of course you knew..
But if you didn't.

Born in 1946 Hong-Kong.. from a French-English father and an Asian-Russian mother.
She was raised in South of France and moved to Paris to make a career in painting.
She became a top model and one of Salvador Dali's Muses. She posed as the "lady with the panther" on the famous cover of Roxy Music's "For Your Pleasure" album of 1973. Then David Bowie fell in love with her and she began her career as a disco singer. To create more hype about her they invented the story that she is a transexual!!
Since the early 80's she has presented TV broadcast in Italy, France and Germany.

Amanda's music is a hypnotic force to be reckoned with. That deep trance inducing voice, those swirly sleezy disco beats. How can you go wrong?

Here is the out of print Super 20 CD. All her kitch ass hits just for you!

Amanda Lear - Super 20 CD - 1989 - Germany

Snip that here:


Cccheck out this Vid!

Amanda Lear - I am a photograph

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Anonymous said...

the first song on this CD is so damn catchy! Thanks....

Anonymous said...

Timeless and haunting. Thanks!


MeltedRubberSoul said...

I've never listened to this before, but wow! Love her low, almost gravelly voice in contrast to the soaring backing vox on Run Baby Run.

Thank you

Tune Talk said...

Thank you for your generous effort by posting all your music.
Parhaps you know, Queen Lear, this contemporary act is inspired by Amanda Lear: