Monday, December 22, 2008


K.I.E.M. is an abbreviation of "Klank Improvisatie Elektronische Muziek" (Sound Improvisation Electronic Music). Formed in 1982 in Rotterdam (always a great place for interesting rhythms)from oil drums, chains metal bins, anvils, anchors and other scraps from a wrecked tow-boat..

Kiem's sound is like a intelligent New Wave version of Test Dept, with some goofy humor thrown in the mix.

I remember getting this and a good chunk of my collection at Slipped Disc Records of Valley Stream NY, a great Metal store with a well curated New Wave section..

Kiem - Keam Lp - 1985 - Netherlands

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Anonymous said...

I grew up in Oceanside and used to go to Slipped Disc in the early 80s. The word was that his parents gave him the money to keep it running. I remember his mother being there one day driving him crazy. They had a lot of product in general. I mostly bought buttons there. NYC was the place to go for collectible records, and there was a store on the island that sold all new LPs for $5. If I had a decent memory I'd remember where that was. Probably right past Massapequa on Sunrise Highway.


Anonymous said...

This was very strange at first, then it got more interesting, and after a few spins I loved it. Great, unusual music! Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Very nice and inspiring as if this is what Belafonte would sound like if he went slightly avante garde. A relaxing sound for the night. Thanks!