Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Francis Rimbert

This french born synthesieur pumps out some dreamy kitchy disco jams that will delight most synth fans.

In collaboration with Korg, they created a new concept which had not existed ever before: Francis took the stage (Theatre des Champs Elysées – Paris) solo, surrounded by all his synthesizers (Bionic Orchestra, 1979). He will be the go-to man for both Roland and Ensoniq trades.

Francis wasted little time getting to meet another master of the synthesizer: Jean Michel Jarre, through their mutual friend Michel Geiss. Meeting in 1979 for the concert in Place de La Concorde, Paris, they began a long collaboration. Since the 1986 Rendez-vous Houston concert, Francis has been at Jarre’s side on grand stages.
- Wikipedia

Francis Rimbert - Bionic Orchestra Lp - 1979 - France

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