Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Take an industrial blender and put Frank Zappa, DEVO, Meatloaf, Oingo Boingo, Black Sabbath, and a dash of Sex Pistols... You get Skafish.

Indiana's Jim Skafish is one of the oddest eggs ever to wander into the shopping mall of rock music. Visually androgynous and, well, unattractive, Skafish builds his songs on neurotic angles of romance, suicide and growing up different that are most pessimistic. Yet, by couching them in sprightly tunes delivered with great geniality, he creates an unnerving dynamic. His band is skilled and supple; his first album, despite all its personality flaws, is clear and fascinating rather than grim or depressing.
[Ira Robbins] Trouser Press.

I was always fascinated by this group, their all over the place sensibility is a true one of a kind sound.

I always thought he was cute.


Skafish - Skafish Lp - 1980 - US

Fish that here:


SKAFISH - Sign of the Cross from URGH A MUSIC WAR

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Anonymous said...

thanks for running an amazing blog! there's so much great music on here. not sure if you've noticed but zshare had some problems recently and i think it has affected your older posts, from may and earlier. they are stuck in an infinite relooping, and won't download. i'd really like to hear ronny and the new wave complex series if possible. thanks again and keep up the good work, it is much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I´ve been searching this for ages,,, thanks a lot from Finland, keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Great stuff thanks! Bought this in Wardour Street, Soho for the sleeve (why else)in the early 80's. I love it but have tried to foist it on friends over the years to no avail.
Played 'Disgracing the Family Name' at a free party in a field once and no-one seemed to like it their either.
Oh well - seems I'm not on my own having seen your blog. Have you got the 2nd LP? Thanks for posting it. Gonna check out a few more of your suggestions now. R

Ariel Salvador said...

the link is dead

please re-upload